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The Mineral Room
At the Saguache County Museum

Mineral Display Fossilized Mammoth Tooth Silver Mold and Balls from Ball Mill at Sky City

The Mineral Room was entirely the work of the late Helen Ashley Anderson Kempner of Bonanza.  Helen was the daughter of a mining man who taught her the joys of  geology.  She collected mineral samples from all over the world and they are all here for you to enjoy.

The first image above shows some of the rocks and minerals collected by Helen Kempner.

The second image is of a fossilized mammoth tooth found ten miles east of Saguache while digging a water hole for cattle.  These animals roamed the boggy areas during the Ice Age 8,000 to 20,000 years ago.  The tooth is a gift to the museum from Alice Read and Family.

Miners' paraphernalia rests on the windowsills and hangs on the wall, some even on the floor.  Shown above is an old Silver Mold, used to hold molten silver when making bars.  Resting inside the mold are heavy iron balls once used to crush ore in the Ball Mill at Sky City.

The fluorescent collection in the darkroom is one of the special delights for visitors of all ages.

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